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Games, Assets, and Effects with an ATTITUDE!

Tools Utilized

The Unity 5.x Editor
C# Programming Language
Adobe Suite

Some  work





After a stint in the military, I decided to pursue my passion. After being a gamer for close to thirty years, what better way to spend your days than to create games and assets?


My vision is to create games that are remembered for generations. I want to take games back to their "Hey-Day", and just have fun in the process'


Meet The Team

Meet The Team

President / Creative Director/Lead Developer

Daniel Fisher



Contact Info:

Tel: 662-910-8769

Fax: 901-363-1735

Bartlett, TN 

Current Projects

Current Projects

Finished with the 2D venture, and am moving on to 3D!!

Project 1:  2D  Action /Adventure


Name: NumbNutZ


Project 2:  2D Combat Platformer

Name: Drug Enforcement Robot

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